Past Engagements

We've helped decision-makers across government engage with young people about the issues that matter most to them. Take a look at some of the mahi we've done so far.

Regulation of Residential Property Managers

For Department of Housing and Urban Development
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In Autumn 2022 we held a number of “flat chats” with young people and asked our Instagram community about their current experiences of renting, their experiences of property managers and other landlords, and their hopes and needs for these reforms  Young people told us they wanted landlords to be held accountable to providing two things – a warmer, dryer, safer rental product, and a more tenant-centred tenancy service.

Content Regulation Reforms

For Department of Internal Affairs
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In Autumn 2022 we engaged with young people about content – the yuck, the yum, the harm and their hopes – so their voices could shape the Department of Internal Affair’s Content Regulation Reforms. We ran a two- week public engagement on Instagram which resulted in 729 responses. We then offered rangatahi the opportunity to have a one-on-one kōrero with The Hive in their Instagram direct messages, and had an overwhelming response from young people from across Aotearoa.

Emissions Reduction Plan

For Ministry for the Environment
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The Hive engaged with young people across Aotearoa on the emissions reduction plan in Spring 2021, on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment. We created four weeks of interactive Instagram content focused on the issues young people told us mattered most – transport, waste, home, energy, kai, rangatahi Māori and mahi – that received 1,419 written and poll submissions from young people aged 13 – 24.

Adoption Law Reform

For Ministry of Justice
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We hosted a seven-day kōrero with The Hive’s Instagram community about Adoption Law Reform in Spring 2021. By focusing on inclusive themes like identity, belonging, nurturing and family, and sending clear signals to Māori, Pasifika and Rainbow young people that we wanted to hear their voices, we received hundreds of written and poll responses, from a diverse range of rangatahi.

Proactive Housing Kōrero

For Ministry of Youth Development
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In Winter 2021 we asked young people in our Instagram community, and at Festival for the Future, to share their current experience of home, and hopes and fears for their home in the future.  Hundreds of young people responded, and told us that right now home is cold, expensive, cramped and damp, and their biggest housing hope is simply their human right – access to a secure habitable, accessible and affordable place to call home.

Draft Climate Advice

For Climate Change Commission
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The Climate Change Commission engaged The Hive to host a conversation with young people on how they believed Aotearoa should respond to the looming threat of climate change. This conversation was held in parallel with the Commission’s public engagement campaign on the draft advice package in Summer 2021.