If you wanna craft a winning partnership with us, here’s what you have to do:

Feed us

Young people need to be fed – literally, and metaphorically. They’re hungry for knowledge, opportunities, connections, validation – and always food.

Value our time

Remember we live full lives; we’re juggling school, work, after school commitments, and supporting at home. Value us and our time, and design your engagement around when we’re most likely to be available or online.

Decode the jargon

Help us make sense of the content, and don’t confuse us with convoluted language or questions. Say it straight; if you make it easy for us to understand what you’re asking of us, then we’re more likely to participate.

Create easy access

Think about how accessible your engagement really is. Do we need transport or technology to participate? Are you convening in a place that’s easy for us to get to? Are you able to remove any barriers to our participation?

Connect to the things we care about

Sometimes it’s not immediately obvious to us why we should care about the deeply important policy that you’re pouring all of your time and energy into. Find ways to connect it to things we care about like: climate, whānau, friendships, identity, purpose, place (our hometowns), or our future.

Close the loop

We want to know our voices have been heard. If you’re engaging with us, make sure you loop back to let us know what you’ve heard through the engagement – and what you’re going to do with what you’ve heard.

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