The history of
The Hive.

Last year, a group of us came together to figure out how we might make it easier for other young people to make submissions on government policy.

But pretty quickly, we realised that the problem was bigger than we’d imagined.

Turns out, lots of young people across Aotearoa don’t think their voice matters.

We don’t see people who look like us around the decision-making table. We’re not used to being listened to. Ultimately – lots of us don’t believe anyone cares what we have to say.

We also discovered that people in government find it really hard to interact with young people. They’re not sure where to find us, how to talk to us, or how to deal with what we have to say.

Illustration of finger pushing a red button

The Hive seeks to change that.

Our aim is to create a two-way conversation between young people and decision-makers. We want to make it easier for government people to let us have our say on new policies. And we want to make it easier for us to let them know what’s important to young people today, and tomorrow.